Dear companions and interested parties,

I would like to inform you about exciting developments in my professional career.

Many people remember me as a life coach who supported people on their path to goals and fulfillment. This phase was enriching and I am grateful for the shared experiences. But as usual in life, my journey led me to new horizons.

I have been immersing myself in regression work and regression therapy for years. This has shown me the immense importance of the soul perspective. In 2018 I founded the Tasso Institute Germany together with Itta Nietsch and since 2019 we have been offering training for regression therapists. I realized that this soul perspective had to be integrated into my coaching in order to enable profound transformations.

I am therefore delighted to present the Soul Sense Institute. Here we link soul, meaning and transformation. It’s about more than just achieving goals; it’s about understanding and living our true purpose.

With Soul Sense I offer a more intensive level of self-discovery and healing. It is the evolution of my work in which I combine traditional coaching with the wisdom of the soul perspective. We use emotions as a transformation tool, explore karmic patterns and discover the true meaning of your existence.

I know this approach may seem new and different. But it is the result of years of research and experience. My goal remains unchanged: To help you lead an authentic life in harmony with your true self.

I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me so far and hope that we can continue working together in this new chapter. If you have any questions or are interested in Soul Sense, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With gratitude and anticipation,