About me – Timm Christophel

Welcome to my journey which leads from the busy streets of Hamburg to the deepest corners of the human soul. My name is Timm Christophel, and I would like you to know my story and my path to discovering the soul sense.

Born and raised in Hamburg, I started my professional career in the business world. But despite the apparent success, I felt something was missing in my life. This feeling led me from business to psychology, from coaching to regression therapy. Each of these experiences brought me closer to my true calling: helping people find the lost parts of their souls.

I have come to realize that our past lives are often the keys to our current challenges. With this realization, I have been able to help many people overcome their innermost blocks. My journey led to the founding of Tasso Germany and the Panta Rei Retreat Center, both places that reflect my deep belief that we all have the potential to evolve.

The concept of “soul sense” has become central to me. It is this inner compass that helps us get in touch with our true essence, discover the secrets of our soul and fulfill our full potential. The Soul Sense Institute is where I share this philosophy and support others in discovering and using their own soul sense.

The journey to self-discovery is often challenging, but incredibly rewarding. With the right tool, the soul sense, we can explore the depths of our existence and live a life full of meaning and purpose.

If you are looking for deeper understanding and transformation, I invite you to join me at Soul Sense Institute. Together we can harness the transformative power of soul sense to live a more fulfilling life.

You want to dive deeper into your soul journey? Book your free Soul Sense Talk now without obligation. Together we will explore the path to your true self. I look forward to our encounter!