When people experience intense emotional or physical pain, this can cause them to split off parts of their soul from their current consciousness. This process of detachment, also known as dissociation, is often a reaction to overwhelming trauma or painful experiences. As a result of this dissociation, these “lost” parts of the soul remain trapped in past situations, preventing us from living life to its fullest.

Transpersonal regression therapy (TRT) is a therapeutic method that aims to identify and reintegrate these lost parts of the soul. In contrast to other forms of therapy, TRT enables clients to actively participate in their healing process. You will be guided through past life traumas and work with inner children to restore lost soul energy. This approach differs from shamanic soul retrieval, where a shaman or practitioner does the work on behalf of the client.

A central element of TRT is recognizing and addressing soul loss, which is often caused by traumatic events such as the death of a loved one, accidents or prolonged stress. While conventional therapy approaches often treat such cases as post-traumatic stress disorder, TRT goes one step further and identifies the actual loss of a part of the soul as the root cause of the problem.

To facilitate the integration of these lost soul parts, TRT uses a variety of techniques. This includes the personification of the lost parts, energy work and the exploration of the client’s aura. These techniques help clients to develop a deeper understanding of the reasons for their soul loss and promote effective reintegration. When clients regain their soul energy, they often report a feeling of increased personal power, self-confidence and inner strength.

Another advantage of TRT over other regression therapies is its comprehensive approach. While many other therapies focus mainly on reliving past lives, TRT also incorporates childhood experiences and other relevant life events. This enables a more holistic view of the underlying problems and can lead to deeper healing and catharsis.

In conclusion, Transpersonal Regression Therapy offers a powerful and comprehensive approach to healing soul loss. By actively involving the client and focusing on the root causes of the trauma, TRT enables clients to achieve a deep sense of wholeness and well-being.

This is an abridged version of the article“Soul Retrieval: Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Transpersonal Regression Therapy in Comparison“, which I published on the blog of Tasso Germany.


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The integration of lost soul parts is an essential part of transpersonal regression therapy and offers clients the opportunity to experience profound healing and growth. With the above resources and recommendations, you can start on the path to a better understanding and more comprehensive application of this powerful form of therapy.